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Government Contracting and Human Trafficking

"What the US Government Contracting Community is (and is not) Doing to Combat Human Trafficking"

by Jean Hacken

This article discusses how the US government is implementing U.S.C. 22 Chapter 78 and E.O. 13627, Strengthening Protections Against Trafficking in Persons in Federal Contracts. Additionally, it reviews how FAR 52.222-50 on Prohibition of Human Trafficking in Federal Contracts, a mandatory contract provision for most federal contracts, was recently revised on March 2, 2015 to strengthen the compliance requirements on USG contractor. It provides an overview of what U.S. government programs are being implemented to counter Trafficking in Persons. For instance, USAID, which is the U.S.G. agency that implements international development programs and provides humanitarian assistance to crisis stricken countries, has multiple efforts at regional and country levels. The Department of State and Department of Defense has one of the most developed US government programs.

"Personal Perspectives on Combating Trafficking in Persons by the US Government"

by Jean Hacken

Who are the U.S. government employees actively involved in countering trafficking in persons? The best way to know who is involved is to learn from the people themselves. This series of articles feature interviews of staff at USAID and representatives from the Department of State, and presents from their perspective how the US Government is and could be more actively involved in combating trafficking in persons.

"Making the new FAR 52.222-50 on the Prohibition of Human Trafficking in Federal Contracts Workable for Government Contractors"

by Constance Huntsman, Esq.